Collection of symbols of oriental culture. Symbols of happiness and prosperity. I started with one ornament in various combinations of black and white. Movement in GIF files. Collection on the OpenSea platform in the ethereum network. Come in and get a Feng Shui symbol. Always glad to see you on this site and in my NFT collections

NFT collection at OpenSea – space objects, sports balls and other things moving in space and on earth.
Various balls and other objects moving in various environments. Rendering 3d models. Made in Blender, AI, AE etc.

Soccer World Cup 2022 NFT Collection at OpenSea. Ethereum network.

At the end of 2022 the FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar. Soccer balls with the flags of the countries participating in the final part of this grandiose show. GIF files in high resolution, loop.
Qatar, Germany, Denmark, Brazil, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland, Netherlands, Argentina, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Uruguay…

For football fans. NFT collection of soccer balls on a transparent background on Suitable for any design, including the Qatar FIFA World Cup.Clean GIF files, loop. Limited edition at the polygon – 31 copies

And another collection for Valentine’s Day. Envelopes with stamps of flags of states and states of the USA, with cancellation stamps for Valentine. Initially, the drawings were made in vector. Each token has two files with extensions jpg and eps. The vector file is available only to the owner. The owner can edit the vector file, use individual elements of the file as he wants. Collection at the Opensea site on the Ethereum network

Christmas and New Year NFT collection at on Solana. Waving flags of states and snowfall. Clean GIF files, loop. Moving pictures. Minted one copy

NFT collection of hearts with flags of countries on transparent background, loop, Suitable for any design. You can give on Valentine’s Day, or you can give just like that. Limited edition at the polygon – 31 copies

NFT collection of collectible 3D cards with hearts with flags and without different countries on Clean GIF files, loop. You can collect, you can give. Who needs it, write, I will do it individually. Minted one copy

Note that the flag images are not copyrighted. All flags were drawn by me in a vector. 3d models of hearts, snowflakes, balls, etc. made by me

There are also other sites, I will add meaningful ones. Why am I posting on different sites? I don’t know, and no one seems to know how it works and which site will work well and which is weak. I post different content on different sites. I love you